Hijacking MySpace for fame and fortune

Using special tools, marketers and people seeking fame on MySpace can game the system and take advantage of what experts call “unintended features” allowed by the Web site. These features include data mining of profiles on the site and automation of messages to members. It is possible to mine the service to pinpoint MySpace members in particular regions and with specific interests–a punk music fan from San Francisco, for instance. The marketers can then blast out hundreds of requests to their targets, asking them to join their network of friends.

Via a simple interface, the tools also let them send the same comment, which could include a promo, to a mass of member profiles or enable them to mass-mail an invite to an event. There are other features, such as a function that will prevent any messages being sent to abandoned MySpace profiles.

“You are starting to see the beginnings of a huge wave of exploiting Web applications,” said Caleb Sima, chief technology officer of SPI Dynamics, a company that specializes in security for online applications. “The sites have not been developed in the frame of mind that somebody can exploit this.”

Read this article from CNet.

UPDATE: Using iTunes, MySpace to launch a music career from ZDNet


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