Virtual Retailing. How many “Linden” dollars do a pair of shorts cost?

The “Second Life” metaverse is inhabited by more than 200,000 people and has a marketplace that supports millions of U.S. dollars in monthly transactions. This commerce is handled with the in-world currency, the Linden dollar, which can be converted to U.S. dollars.

Linden Lab opened “Second Life” to the public in 2003.

The unusual move of placing a real-world entity into the fantasy realm of ‘SL’ has generated some hype among bloggers.

The action was initiated when someone from American Apparel approached popular ‘SL’ architect Aimee Weber about opening a virtual version of the clothes store, according to Wallace.

Read this article from Also, Phony Kids, Virtual Sex and Duran Duran to give virtual gigs
What is Second Life? Visit the virtual community’s site, and add what you know about it to the “Second Life” article at the Whats New Media Wiki.

UPDATE: Interview with Linden Lab founder and CEO Philip Rosedale


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