The Tangled Net Of ‘Net Neutrality’

Net neutrality is about the rules of the road for the information superhighway — and whether, some day, traveling in the fast lane will require paying a toll.

Because of the convergence of television and telephone service into digital transmissions, the outcome of the battle will affect all aspects of communications. Net-neutrality advocates — Google, Microsoft, and the other tech companies — say the telecom companies (the Bells) and the cable industry shouldn’t be permitted to control the Internet through discriminatory pricing in which their business partners enjoy a huge competitive advantage by gaining access to the wires into homes and offices. The telecom and cable guys — the neutrality critics — counter that “net neutrality” is just a fancy way of saying that the government should regulate the Internet. They say, let the free market, not Washington, reign.

Read this article from The National Journal and Net neutrality debate still simmers from

*What is Net Neutrality?  Find out and contribute what you know at the Whats New Media Wiki


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