Help (still) wanted: Cybersecurity czar

“It’s apparent that the department is moving at dial-up speed in hardening this infrastructure to respond to cyberattacks,” Rep. Bernie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat who serves as co-chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee, said in a statement Thursday.

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UPDATE: Senator blasts Homeland Security’s Net efforts from C|Net

UPDATE II: Learning the lessons of 9/11 for real from C|Net

After the resignation of the first three so-called cyberczars, Congress said the answer was to give someone real authority within the Department of Homeland Security and let him or her direct cybersecurity policy. So it was that in July 2005, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff agreed to create the post of assistant secretary for cybersecurity and telecommunications. Good idea, but one year later, why does the post remain unfilled?


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