The Age of Man-Machine; Brain and Chip merge.

Researchers at Columbia University are combining the processing power of the human brain with computer vision to develop a novel device that will allow people to search through images ten times faster than they can on their own.

Darpa, or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is funding research into the system with hopes of making federal agents’ jobs easier. The technology would allow hours of footage to be very quickly processed, so security officers could identify terrorists or other criminals caught on surveillance video much more efficiently.

The “cortically coupled computer vision system,” known as C3 Vision, is the brainchild of professor Paul Sajda, director of the Laboratory for Intelligent Imaging and Neural Computing at Columbia University.

Read this article from WIRED. In related news, researches are converting thoughts into actions to help the paralyzed.  Behind it all is March 2006 news of the “neuro-chip,” linking mammalian brain cells with computer chips.


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