What would a Microsoft fade mean for open source?

Microsoft has played the part of open source bogeyman for years now, just as IBM played that role for Microsoft in its early years. Part of Bill Gates’ genius was to focus on a single enemy at a time, and stay paranoid about that enemy and ts counter-moves. The company’s stock problems really began when he ran out of enemies.

Could this happen to open source?

Again, I don’t think so. Open source is not a company, or a movement. It’s a new way of doing business, in which many big companies can compete, can even make money, but where there’s a true “sell-by” date on software innovation, a commodity point at which its value (and price) starts plunging.

I like to think of it as Moore’s Law of Software, and in fact it’s related to Moore’s Second Law. Just as the cost of starting production rises exponentially as chips get more complex, so the cost of developing and maintaining software rises with complexity.

Read this article from ZDNet

*Learn more and contribute your knowledge of “open source” technologies and the movement at the Whats New Media Wiki


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