We still brag about disk space, but in a Web 2.0 world, is storage still important?

The first thing to plan, then, was shelving, the honeycomb infrastructure of my storage system. After several trips to the Ikea out near Tempelhof Airport, I decided the most elegant and flexible storage unit was a modular, stackable pine LP crate called Trissa.

I’d buy dozens of flat-packed Trissas, possibly a hundred, assemble and stack them to the ceiling, then fill them with my stuff.

But a funny thing has happened; I’ve stopped halfway. Today, my apartment has a Zenlike emptiness. I’ve built my Trissa units — there they stand around the walls, empty, smelling sweetly of fresh pine, defining the air into a grid of grippable cubic shapes.

I’ve completely lost the urge to cherry-pick any content for them. Why spoil something so beautiful? Why clutter these cubes with trophies of stuff I once read, and might one day in the future want to consult? After all, my apartment already has all the content I could ever need in the form of an open Wi-Fi signal, flooding each room with — well, with the entire world, or a convincing representation of it.

Read this article from WIRED


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