The rise of the DVR. Watching TV when it’s “aired” is becoming historical.

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are changing the way people watch television. Time shifting, which is the short name for recording shows and watching them whenever you want, has been common since the arrival of the VCR. Digital Video Recorders, however, are different. Digital video recording is so simple, and the experience so seamless (you could never pause live TV with a VCR), that growing numbers of people don’t watch “live” TV anymore. TV shows are automatically recorded for DVR users without the need to migrate tapes in and out of a VCR device, and choosing to record something can’t get much easier than picking from a guide on the screen or specifying keywords. Even better, with the click of a button, DVR users can watch more TV and less advertisements.

Read this blog from ZDNet


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