A democratic medium? (Or at least democratic content)

McAfee himself describes the nascent infiltration of blogs, wikis, and other two-way Web technologies behind the firewall as Enterprise 2.0. While I prefer to call this Enterprise Web 2.0 because the Web is a central feature of this change, I’ll accept his moniker as simpler though not as self-explanatory.  In his original post, McAfee hits the mark again and again with all the reasons why Web 2.0 is reshaping society, culture, and business.  When we look at the MySpace phenomenon, the number of blogs being created daily, and the problems with BitTorrent bandwidth, we can all easily see that powerful forces are obviously at work.  And, moreover, that these forces are entirely made of people.

Peer production, the mass production of content by the masses, is one of the central benefits of Web 2.0.  Not only are the forces of creation that were previously trapped in expensive silos of production (large organizations) let loose, because the cost of production and distribution is nearly zero on the Web, but so are the forces of consumption.  It’s now easier than ever to find the exact content you’re looking for.  Google’s famous search engine and Digg’s non-hierarchical editorial control model are two excellent examples of this trend.  But the crux is that it’s all so easy, extremely cheap, and that so many people are doing it.

Read Dion Hinchcliffe’s blog article, Democratization of Content with Web 2.0: The Emergent vs. Deliberate Debate


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