When social bookmarking crossed over?

When Brian and I started Weblogs, Inc. the idea of paying bloggers–heck, even making money from blogging–was considered offensive to many. Blogging was, as the case was stated, a highly personal activity that should not be trivialized by the forces of commerce and greed. I don’t have a complicated relationship with money or capitalism: I love them both and see them as simply as fuel and the process by which fuel is produced. Money to me means time, time means quality, and quality means success.

That is exactly what bloggers told Brian and I three years ago when we started. Given that, I have an offer to the top 50 users on any of the major social news/bookmarking sites: We will pay you $1,000 a month for your “social bookmarking” rights. Put in at least 150 stories a month and we’ll give you $12,000 a year.

Read the full offer on Jason Calacanis’ blog. Jason founded Weblogs Inc and is currently re-envisioning Netscape (for AOL) as a news community. CNet is tracking the blog community response.

*Who is Jason Calacanis? Find out and add what you know at the Whats New Media Wiki


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