And next, an after-school special on Cyberbullying

The guidelines set out simple steps that schools, parents and pupils can take to prevent cyber-bullying and deal with incidents when they occur.

These include:

  • Schools including strategies to deal with cyber-bullying in their mandatory anti-bullying policies
  • All communication technology on the site, or as part of school activities off site, should be monitored and, where necessary, restricted
  • Parents should ensure that they and their child understand how to use technology safely
  • Young people should not respond to abusive e-mails, text messages or phone calls, but should always tell an adult and contact their service provider for advice on how to block calls, keeping e-mails and texts as evidence
  • Young people should keep to public areas of chatrooms and never give out personal contact details online or post photographs of themselves

Read this article from BBC Technology News


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