Wiki while you work

“Traditionally you can only collaborate on one page, with text and graphics, with a wiki,” Kraus told me. “In the real world you have calendars, spreadsheets and photos. With the new version of Jotspot we are bringing the metaphor of wikis to the productivity functions of an office [suite], sharing access, permissions and version control, and letting user organize a site the way the want.”

In some ways, JotSpot is redefining the notion of a wiki, as a platform for a wide range of applications. “Lots of wiki purists would say that JotSpot is not a wiki any more,” Kraus said. “That would be like saying Microsoft Word is not word processor because it’s not like WordStar.”

“Think of it a wiki-suite, as trying to build an extensible wiki suite,” Kraus continued.

Read this article from ZDNet’s Web 2.0 Blog. (plus, Is JotSpot a Microsoft Killer?)


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