Virtualization. Redefining data, hardware, networks.

In response to an audience question, VMware’s Greene brought up the profound change that is coming to virtualized environments. “Operating systems statically configured on hardware are hard to manage and can be bug prone,” Greene said. “If you bring in a hypervisor and break the paths [operating systems glued to hardware] apart, the hypervisor manages the hardware and the operating system manages the applications. People will have operating systems tailored to the applications, such as if more security is required. We have ISVs building their own operating systems, and application designers will build own operations systems.”

Horowitz said that if you go for creating lots of virtual machines and software stacks, it can be a management challenge. “More of anything, including virtual machines, is more complicated, but it tastes great,” he said. In addition, management software has to evolve to adapt to virtualization. Raza brought up that the hardware is trying to keep up with demands set by the software vendors. “That will change in the next three to five years,” Raza said. He also noted that virtualization is impacting network architecture. “There is a need for application- and service-oriented networking–multiple servers, management and networking are converging all in on a single platform.”

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