DRM in the latest GPL draft. What do all these letters mean?

The Free Software Foundation has revised provisions concerning the thorny area of digital rights management in a new draft of the General Public License released Thursday.

The approach in the second draft of GPL version 3 “only directly restricts DRM in the special case in which it is used to prevent people from sharing or modifying GPLv3-covered software,” the foundation said in a statement. “GPLv3 does not prohibit the implementation of DRM features, but prevents them from being imposed on users in a way that they cannot remove.”

Digital rights management, or DRM, puts controls on how computers can run software or show content such as movies.

Read this article from News.com and criticism of the draft from Linus Torvalds.

UPDATE: Controversy over GPLv3 draft reflects the ‘incompatibility’ of DRM with open source from C|Net

UPDATE II: A pacifist version of the GPL? from Ars

*What is “DRM“…? What is the “GPL” license? Who is Linus Torvalds? Find out and contribute what you know at the Whats New Media Wiki


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