Does DADVSI violate property rights?

DADVSI, which can be loosely translated as the “law on authors’ rights in the information society,” was originally intended to harmonize French law with the European Copyright Directive. However, it quickly became something of a microcosm of the battle between the rights of individuals and copyright holders over what is commonly called fair use…The “iPod law” became closely associated with Apple Computer and its iTunes Music Store, and could have forced Apple to license its FairPlay DRM for competing devices and services…Now, the French Constitutional Council has ruled on the law, concluding “that the law violated the constitutional protections of property,” meaning Apple can breathe easier.

Read this article from Ars Technica (UPDATES from C|Net and ZDNet’s The Apple Core) – track the development of this topic – contribute what you know about “DADVSI” to the Whats New Media Wiki


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