Compression bombs and stealth, the new generation viruses

The latest threat to intellectual property comes in the shape of malicious software (malware) that is capable of infecting a computer, hiding itself until the user accesses specific files or Web sites–in order to steal files or passwords–and then deleting any trace of itself.

Speaking at the IT Security in Government Conference in Canberra on Friday, Brian Denehy, security assurance engineer at CyberTrust, told delegates that the vast majority of new malware uses “some type of stealth” or anti-forensic technology in an attempt to remain undetected before, during and after an attack.

According to Denehy, techniques used not only include ‘the obvious ones’ such as encryption and rootkits but also “compression bombs”–which are compressed files that try to make life difficult for forensic tools by attempting to expand to an infinite size when executed.

Read this article from ZDNet


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