Berners-Lee, a history of the web, the web as an overlay and was the web open-souce in the first place?

One key date is 6 August 1991 – the day on which links to the fledgling computer code for the www were put on the alt.hypertext discussion group so others could download it and play with it.

On that day the web went world wide.

Jeff Groff, who worked with Mr Berners-Lee on the early code, said a very simple idea was behind the web.

“The vision was that people should not have to deal with the technology stuff,” he said.

The web was an overlay that tried to hide the underlying complexity of the data and documents proliferating on the internet.

Read this article
from BBC Technology News and explore an email artifact from the “birth” of the web. Want more future gazing about the Internet? Read Richard McManus’ interview with Sun Microsystems’ Tim Bray and Radia Perlman.

*Learn more about web pioneer Tim Berners-Lee at the Whats New Media Wiki


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