Spectrum Auction 2006. The selling of public property?

The wireless future goes on sale today when the federal government puts a huge swath of radio-wave spectrum on the auction block.

With the use of cellular telephones and other wireless gadgets booming, the invisible bands of spectrum that serve as the nation’s data highways are getting overloaded.

Putting valuable frequencies now used by the Pentagon and other agencies to commercial use is expected to help cellular phone carriers as well as cable and satellite TV providers expand their services.

One of the largest spectrum auctions ever, the sale could bring as much as $20 billion into federal coffers that could be used to offset the nation’s budget deficit.

Read this article from the LA Times, Broadband bundles to drive wireless spectrum sale and commentary from Ars Technica.

UPDATE: FCC Prepares For Another Big Spectrum Auction from Telecom Direct News


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