Truth is stranger than fiction, unless fiction thought of it first.

In “Minority Report,” a 2002 science-fiction thriller starring Tom Cruise, futuristic technology allows the characters to control enormous glass computer screens with sweeping motions of their arms. It’s a technology that’s still restricted to fiction, but that didn’t stop David Lauren, a senior vice president at Polo Ralph Lauren (and, yes, Ralph’s son), from using the Tom Cruise flick as the chief inspiration for “Virtual Window Shop,” a new marketing tie-in for the clothing brand’s sponsorship of the 2006 U.S. Open tennis tournament in Queens, N.Y.

Explore Ralph Lauren’s virtual window at C|Net

UPDATE: Technology lets ads get personal from BBC Technology News and Advertising screen tailors ads to its audience from New Scientist

Using a camera and facial recognition software, there are prototypes that can not only detect a face looking straight at it, but also guess whether it is male or female, and change the ad accordingly.


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