Is Google your search engine and/or your “content partner”…?

Is it a content partner? Is it a distribution partner? Is it an ad partner? Do they bring in users? What is the economic structure of their industry? But all of them have some form of financial sharing — although maybe not revenue, there may be other ways of doing it — that gets them to where they need to be with respect to their economics, and gets our goals aligned….

Google’s unprecedented profit margins are due, in large part, to its ability, to date, to sell ads against content which it does not pay for.

As the search landscape will undoubtedly evolve in the not too distant future, it is unlikely that content owners will continue to accept dilution of their ownership interests in exchange for “linking” promises.

Investigate Google’s recent deals with the AP, their legal battle with Agence France Presse and their evolving relationship with content providers. Previously, on this topic: News aggregation gets fuzzy



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2 responses to “Is Google your search engine and/or your “content partner”…?

  1. Hey, just a note from a New Media (master)student from the Netherlands (Amsterdam). Nice blog and I’ll keep checking it. I see Google more as a bank, dealing with the data around the world. So maybe you could say Google is a data-bank, managing the flow of data and also dealing in it (AdSense).

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