Your facebook pals, the Cops.

In a nutshell, the cops used Facebook to ID a suspected public urinator and bring the pissant to justice. It all started at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign when student Mark Chiles, 22, urinated on a bush in front of a frat house. A cop saw him but the offender ran off before he could be cited. His drinking buddy, Adam Gartner, also 22, was questioned but said he didn’t know the miscreant’s name. Normally, a cop would give up at this point. But this story has a new digital twist.

Read The fuzz wants to add you as a friend from ZDNet. Remiscent of “Web bangin’,” the online gang presence from WNM; When a Risqué Online Persona Undermines a Chance for a Job from the New York Times and MySpace Is Public Space When It Comes To Job Search from design taxi.


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