Berners-Lee on Web 2.0, the Semantic Web & tech optimism

I hope the Semantic Web will take off so that the data basically all the data which is out there which you have access to, to the Web pages, will now be available as data so you can treat it as data. There will be lots of very exciting
applications built on that. And we’re starting to see that now, but it really is, you know, we’re seriously into the exponential growth of the Semantic Web right now, and that’s very exciting.

I think it too will be again a platform on which lots of other things to do will happen. It will be basically used for data interoperability and for data integration across companies and between companies and between applications. But it will then provide a basis for all kinds of exciting new systems built on which will be able to make use of that data.

In general, I hope that we as humanity can learn to use this information space to understand each other, that we can form ourselves into groups in lots of interesting ways so that between us that sort of just tangled web of human groups spans the world and makes that so that it’s not…you aren’t too many clicks across the social Web from any one person to any other one person, so that start really pulling together in the world and solving the huge challenges which we’ve got without being distracted by fighting each other.

Get the podcast from IBM’s developerWorks (transcript available). Commentary from ZDNet’s Dana Gardner and from Ars and again from ZDNet.

Please contribute your knowledge of web-pioneer Tim Berners-Lee in the Whats New Media Wiki.


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