Shows as commercials. Commercials as shows.

To combat ad-skipping, advertisers will need to work with content creators to write products directly into scripts. You can’t skip past products placed in shows without missing the program itself.

According to the Writer’s Guild of America, “In 2004, the use of products in filmed entertainment increased 44% and generated revenues in excess of $1 billion. For example, during the third season of The Apprentice, Burger King, Dove Body Wash, Sony PlayStation, Verizon Wireless, and Visa reportedly paid upwards of $2 million per episode to have their products incorporated into plot lines.”

Read this article from Multichannel News and explore the advertising impact of DVR’s from previous articles on Whats New Media. Plus, “In-Game” Advertising (same principle, different medium)

UPDATE: The newest characters on TV shows: Product plugs from USA Today


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