Trailfire: Building Vannevar’s Memex

Trailfire is a free service and is described as a way to let bloggers place multimedia rich comments on any Web page and automatically link related Web pages to form a trail, or navigation path. The product is a download plugin for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Interestingly, they claim it is “more complementary than competitive” with social bookmarking sites. They reckon that a ‘trail’ is a topic and Trailfire does not support tagging – whereas social bookmarking sites are used to categorize web pages with tags, but do not support trails/topic mapping. If this concept sounds familiar, it’s because Internet pioneer Vannevar Bush used the term “trails” in his influential essay from 1945 called As We May Think.

Read the full blog from the Read/Write Web and add your knowledge of Vannevar Bush and his plans for the “memex” to the Whats New Media Wiki.


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