Goldhaber’s “Attention Economy”

If the Web and the Net can be viewed as spaces in which we will increasingly live our lives, the economic laws we will live under have to be natural to this new space. These laws turn out to be quite different from what the old economics teaches, or what rubrics such as “the information age” suggest. What counts most is what is most scarce now, namely attention. The attention economy brings with it its own kind of wealth, its own class divisions – stars vs. fans – and its own forms of property, all of which make it incompatible with the industrial-money-market based economy it bids fair to replace. Success will come to those who best accommodate to this new reality.

Read The Attention Economy and the Net from First Monday and Goldhaber’s follow-up article, The value of openness in an attention economy. Commentary from ZDNet.

UPDATE: Liveblogging Michael Goldhaber, ‘the Einstein of Attention’ from ZDNet
Help build a knowledgebase around the Attention Economy at the Whats New Media Wiki.


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