If you can’t beat ’em….Video Games in the classroom

Computer games have already become part of the lesson plans in some schools. But these are usually simple games for elementary-school children. They use bright colors and amusing sounds to make math or spelling “fun.” But these only take the edge off the age-old practice of rote learning. This is not the type of game-based education Bushnell and Prensky advocate. Teachers like Tim Rylands (who won a teaching award last year from BECTA, the British government’s partner in the development and delivery of its internet-based learning strategy for schools, for his use of Myst) who have found ways to include exciting games in their teaching materials continue to be the exceptions. Some progressive secondary schools use SimCity (a simulation game in which you build cities) and Civilization (a strategy game that involves building a complete civilization).

Read Reading, Writing and Video Gaming from Alternet.  Previously from WNM: New generation of games require “real world” problem solving


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  1. This is a great article. I’m glad that people are starting to realize that games aren’t just for wasting time, and that they can have educational as well as entertainment value. So often today I hear laywers, lawmakers, senators, and other “anti-game” advocates speak out against games that they probably have not even played. Bravo for this teacher that can use a video game as a tool to keep kids interested in school. Hopefully the rest of the world will catch on, too.

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