The public/private nature of the ‘Net: Who will fix it if it breaks?

Federal policy recognizes the need to prepare for debilitating Internet disruptions and tasks the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with developing an integrated public/private plan for Internet recovery. GAO was asked to summarize its report — Internet Infrastructure: DHS Faces Challenges in Developing a Joint Public/Private Recovery Plan, GAO-06-672 (Washington, D.C.: June 16, 2006). This report 1) identifies examples of major disruptions to the Internet, 2) identifies the primary laws and regulations governing recovery of the Internet in the event of a major disruption, 3) evaluates DHS plans for facilitating recovery from Internet disruptions, and 4) assesses challenges to such efforts. In its report, GAO suggests that Congress consider clarifying the legal framework guiding Internet recovery and makes recommendations to DHS to strengthen its ability to help recover from Internet disruptions.

Access the GAO’s report Challenges in Developing a Public/Private Internet Infrastructure Recovery Plan from the Benton Foundation.


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