QWERTY, too big for mobiles

While 2006 looks to be the year of the QWERTY keyboard on mobile devices, I wonder if QWERTY really is the most efficient keyboard layout for a mobile device or if there is something better that manufacturers could offer by thinking a bit outside the box. The QWERTY keyboard was designed by C. L. Sholes and patented back in 1878 so I think it is high time we took a look at why this layout keeps appearing on mobile devices.

Read this article at ZDNet


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One response to “QWERTY, too big for mobiles

  1. laughinggiant

    I tend to agree. I have just finished my first month using a Qwerty keyboard phone, and I think that overall, it’s not nearly as efficient as using a good 12-key mobile phone with T9 predictive text. All of that width and bulk to carry around, for little use. Also, I have yet to find a Qwerty phone that’s a really excellent phone.

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