Report: ed tech works

When implemented carefully–with adequate attention paid to training, support, and evaluation–technology has been found to have a significant positive impact on student learning across all areas of the curriculum, according to a new report. So, why do critics of educational technology still decry the billions of dollars being spent on ed tech in schools across the nation? For one thing, many educators have “miscalculated” the difficulty of implementing technology effectively, the report says–and ed-tech advocates also might have “over-promised” their ability to deliver a learning return on their investment.

Read this article from eSchool News


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One response to “Report: ed tech works

  1. Greg_ED619

    Critics (stakeholder) can have a lot of reasons to be skeptical if there is no good data to support an idea. “One can argue that helping stakeholders to evolve their mindsets and mental models about education is perhaps the most important aspect of a systemic change process (Joseph&Reigeluth, 2010).” They might just be against the change but if significant positive impact on student learning has been found then they might need to reevaluate their position. We must realize that we will have lagers to the idea of educational technology but it is a matter of continuous education of the stakeholders of impact of educational technology on student learning that will win the over the critics. They might also feel that the billions of dollars could be spent elsewhere or it is not worth spending these type of money on education.

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