DNS: The backbone of Internet traffic and efficient navigation

Despite the differences in the way in which they developed, the relationship between the DNS technical system and Internet navigation aids and services is strong and fundamental—the DNS has served as the stable core on which the incremental evolution of the different navigation aids and services has depended. The development of navigation services is likely to continue to relieve some of the commercial pressures on the DNS as users become increasingly comfortable with using them as their primary means to navigate the Internet, but both the Domain Name System and Internet navigation aids and services will be significant elements of the Internet for the foreseeable future.

The demonstrated success of the DNS and navigation aids and services in meeting the basic needs of all Internet users should not be jeopardized by efforts to constrain or direct their evolution outside the open architecture of the Internet, or to use them to enable control of the free flow of information across the Internet.

Read the report Signposts in Cyberspace and commentary from C|Net. Previously from WNM: U.S. ceeding control of DNS?


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