Open Source. Better, worse or as good but different?

The open-source development community must first graduate from Lake Wobegon University, where all of their software is just above average. They need to take lessons from the all-stars in closed-source software development. Likely, this means more thorough and rigorous end-to-end quality testing. Open source developers have a lot of pride in the quality of their individual contributions to code, but many proprietary organizations understand how to (and are required to) vouch for the high quality of the software system as a whole.The irony is that our research shows that on average, open-source software is of higher quality than proprietary software. Indeed, open-source projects tend to clump together in the higher-quality range.

Read Insecurity in Open Source from Business Week with commentary from ZDNet. Add to the “Open Source” discussion at the Whats New Media Wiki.


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