Virtual news bureau; “real” virtual news

Reuters is opening a news bureau in the simulation game “Second Life” this week, joining a race by corporate name brands to take part in the hottest virtual world on the Internet….Adam Pasick, a Reuters’ media correspondent based in London, will serve as the news organization’s first virtual bureau chief, using a personal avatar, or animated character, called “Adam Reuters,” in keeping with the game’s naming system.

“As strange as it might seem, it’s not that different from being a reporter in the real world,” Pasick said. “Once you get used to it–it becomes very much like the job I have been doing for years.”

Read this Reuters item from ZDNet and visit the Reuters Second Life Bureau. More on the opening from the BBC Technology News and the Guardian UK; skepticism from ZDNet plus travel and shopping guides to Second Life from WIRED and Your Second Life is Ready from Annalee Newitz for Popular Science.


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