Evidence of the “Long Tail”

Apart from the comedic value of imagining the thousands of people out there who now have a copy of “Word Up” on their hard drives, the experiment shows that money can be made on the obscure items so long as storage costs are all but nonexistent. This is the basic thesis behind Wired editor Chris Anderson’s new book, The Long Tail, and the lesson was not lost on Universal. “Overall, these results lend weight to author Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail theory,” they say. “In this scenario, the total sales of this repertoire (the Long tail) can match or exceed those of the hits.”

Read this article from Ars Technica and contribute to “The Long Tail” entry at the Whats New Media Wiki.  Previously from WNM: and The Long Tail, a critical 2.0 business model?Where are the profits in the long tail?


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