NBC moving towards web friendly models

Once upon a time, ABC, NBC, and CBS ruled the home entertainment landscape in the US. The rise of cable television first and then the Internet changed that forever. Increased entertainment options mean fewer people watching the big three networks, which in the last couple of years has lead to some changes in programming. NBC Universal is taking that a big step further with the announcement of a broad restructuring initiative called “NBCU 2.0.”

Perhaps most indicative of the changes underway is NBC’s digital strategy. According to NBC, the idea is for the Television Group to “generate revenues across all platforms—including all new digital distribution outlets—through a business strategy that reduces NBCU’s dependence on traditional content distribution methods and advertising models.”

In March, NBC Universal Television Group CEO Jeff Zucker encouraged producers to come up with Internet-savvy strategies for new programming including “online, sell-through, and wireless” components. NBCU 2.0 takes that message further by focusing on Internet properties such as dotcomedy.com and brilliantbutcancelled.com. Popular programs are expected to have a strong online presence, including web-only episodes like we saw last summer from The Office.

Read this article from Ars Technica


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