Custom Search

Users wanting to make use of the tool log on to a Google “Co-op” page where they can specify a list of websites to search. The search engine can be set up to search the entire web but emphasise the chosen sites, or search only the specified pages. The custom application can also be used to create a search engine that just focuses on a person’s own site.

Read this article from the BBC Technology News

Marissa Mayer, vice-president of search products and user experience, said it was the most significant launch that Google would announce in the final months of this year. By letting companies and individuals build their own specialised search engines, it will also create competition for the many new “vertical” search products that have recently been launched on the web, she added.

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After entering the information, a line of code will appear. The custom search engine can be hosted on a user’s site. Currently, anyone can put a Google search box on their site, but the results are hosted by

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Additional commentary (and skepticism) from ZDNet, Ars and C|Net


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