Journalism 2.0: “cut and paste” or “read/write”

That’s cut and paste journalism, taken in large part from Wikipedia – the online encyclopedia to which any member of the public can contribute. Here’s where freelance journalist Tom Winterbourn took the exact same words and sentences from Wikipedia. Wikipedia has become a widely used online research tool even though its information isn’t always correct or even verifiable. But cutting and pasting it, word for word, is plagiarism.

Read Community Papers’ Anniversary Lift from MediaWatch.

Are readers really writers? Some are but we know participation is always on the low side. The reader is a writer sounds good, but it’s a neat turn of phrase on the way to becoming a cliché.

Read blogger Haydn Shaughnessy’s quote in the context of Donna Bogatin’s Journalism 2.0: News or chatter? from ZDNet

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