“Milblogs” going quiet

Some of the web’s more popular “milblogs” — blogs maintained by present or former active duty military personnel — are going quiet following a renewed push by U.S. military officials to scan sites for security risks…The recent U.S. pressure on milbloggers, reported by Wired contributing editor Noah Schachtman in his Defense Tech blog, highlights the security risks of blogging by active duty military personel — including those in Iraq with access to e-mail and the internet. But it also signals a growing culture clash between military traditions of censorship and the expectations of young soldiers weaned on open digital culture, according to current and former military personnel.

Read Under Fire, Soldiers Kill Blogs from WIRED. Previously from WNM: Pentagon keeps eye on war videos, Just as Vietnam was the TV War, is Iraq the YouTube War? and The “Trophy Video.” War coverage goes viral despite the military’s wishes it wouldn’t.


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