Content owners big and small have / want a stake in online video’s future

Media companies are of two minds about Internet video-sharing site YouTube, which rocketed to fame by letting users share homemade videos along with copyrighted clips from movies, TV shows and music videos.They are unsure of whether YouTube is a friend or a foe — a threat that could siphon off their TV audiences and ad dollars or a powerful promotion machine that could generate buzz for the shows. While users have had virtually unfettered freedom to post and watch whatever clips they want, big media companies are starting to reassert control by seeking removal of some shows.

Read this article from the Washington Post, Google in bid to halt YouTube legal threat from the Financial Times and Google ‘acts on YouTube threat’ from the BBC Technology News to explore the Google / YouTube copyright conundrum. Commentary from Ars and ZDNet. Previously from WNM: YouTube keeps it (as) legal (as possible) and GooTube keeps it (as) legal (as possible)

Now powerful entertainment conglomerates increasingly want these sites to strip themselves of copyright material. But the nail-biting truth is that while strides are being made in developing ways to weed out copyright work in audio files, little headway has been made in finding an effective way to review video.

“No one has figured it out yet,” said an executive from a networking site who requested anonymity due to his negotiations with filtering companies. “But there’s a busload of money waiting for whoever does.”

Read Putting online video to the copyright test from C|Net

Google YouTube $148 billion market cap business model fueled by selling ads against content it has not compensated rights holders for and that it has no explicit legal rights to use…Schmidt is relying on his legal war chest to do battle in courts with the aim of establishing a body of legal interpretation favoring his “Web 2.0 thing,” a free content for Google business model.

Read Donna Bogatin’s blog articles YouTube Google: Paying off content owners? and Web 2.0 rev share models: new democratic economy or pipe dream? from ZDNet. Previously from WNM: If Google bought YouTube and YouTube is built on your videos… and Google, profiteer of the blogosphere

Also, Comedy Central clips back on YouTube from Ars


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