Despite glitches, eVoting proves that the future is now

Young voters took part in record numbers, despite growing up during one of the most troubled eras of American voting. Some 1.2 million poll workers minded the details and, for the most part, avoided election-altering gaffes. In precincts where problems did pop up, some voters got the word out through amateur videos; others waited in lines in a silent testament that the day wasn’t a pointless exercise.In the end, exit polls found 88 percent of respondents felt confident in their voting device that day. And the widespread concerns about the legitimacy of recent elections didn’t discourage more than 40 percent of registered voters from showing up – apparently, the highest midterm turnout in a generation. “Decision 2006” may be remembered as a confidence-restoring election…..But the consensus among election observers is that the problems – while still too numerous for comfort and difficult to track with some electronic voting technologies – appeared to be isolated and not systemic.

Read Election boosts trust in US voting systems from the Christian Science Monitor. Commentary from ZDNet. Counterpoint: Let Post-Election Debugging Begin from WIRED. Previously from WNM: Happy e-Election night

Update: E-voting glitch turns up in Texas from C|Net


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