eVoting: Perservere or Reverse course?

Last week in Florida’s 13th Congressional district, the victory margin was only 386 votes out of 153,000. There’ll be a mandatory lawyered-up recount, but it won’t include the almost 18,000 votes that seem to have disappeared. The electronic voting machines didn’t include them in their final tallies, and there’s no backup to use for the recount. The district will pick a winner to send to Washington, but it won’t be because they are sure the majority voted for him. Maybe the majority did, and maybe it didn’t. There’s no way to know.

Read Did Your Vote Get Counted? from Forbes. eVoting commentary from ZDNet’s Paul Murphy and it’s Government blog. Jon Stokes from Ars weighs in and ZDNet comments on that as well. Plus, Election ’08: Vote by TiVo from WIRED:

In the wake of yet another election marred by technical glitches, critics of electronic voting machines are repeating their call to restore old-fashioned paper to the increasingly computerized election process.

But a smaller, quieter group is convinced the real solution lies in the other direction. Now is the time, they say, to make elections completely electronic, and allow voters to cast their ballots from home, over the internet.

Previously from WNM: Despite glitches, eVoting proves that the future is now, Happy e-Election night! and eVoting: hackable, inconsistent, still in beta

Also: Photograph your polling place from the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts)


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