Web 2.0, Wikis and specialized, corporate and expert collaboration

“By engaging expert editors, eliminating anonymous contribution, and launching a more mature community under a new charter, a much broader and more influential group of people and institutions will be able to improve upon Wikipedia’s extremely useful, but often uneven work,” said the press release. “The result will be not only enormous and free, but reliable.”

Read Forking Wikipedia from ZDNet

He views the next phase of the Web as about mass collaboration and harnessing the power of self organization. It will have a profound change in way companies innovate, orchestrate to create value and compete in marketplace, he said. With billions of smart devices on the Net and billions of people on it, for those users it will be like programming a giant computer. “Social networking is becoming the new mode of production,” Tapscott said. He gave an example of Procter & Gamble, which has developed an productive ecosystem of external collaborators that he said creates value more effectively than a hierarchically organized business.

Read Wikinomics and Mass Collaboration from ZDNet

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