Defining “Internet Rights”

The internet is a global public space that must be open, affordable and accessible to all. As more and more people gain access to this space, many remain excluded. Like the process of globalisation with which it has been closely intertwined, the spread of internet access takes place with uneven results and often exacerbates social and economic inequalities. However, the internet and other information and communication technologies (ICTs) can be a powerful tool for social mobilisation and development, resistance to injustices and expression of difference and creativity.The internet can only be a tool to empower the peoples of the world if the following rights are recognised, protected and respected.

* Theme 1: Internet access for all
* Theme 2: Freedom of expression and association
* Theme 3: Access to knowledge
* Theme 4: Shared learning and creation – free and open source software and technology development
* Theme 5: Privacy, surveillance and encryption
* Theme 6: Governance of the internet
* Theme 7: Awareness, protection and realisation of rights

Visit the Association for Progressive Communications website to see their “Internet Rights Charter.” Previously from WNM: 13 nations criticized for web censorship, Governing the Internet: An Internet Bill of Rights, the language of the ‘Net and more and Senate panel proposes a Net user “Bill of Rights”


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