Reporting down, aggregation up. Customization unseats localization.

So who needs newspapers anyhow? We have the Internet. Other than the websites supported by newspapers, the Internet is devoid of reporters. The Internet operations do not pay people to go out and gather accurate information. Thus we are bumping up against a contradictory situation. Thanks to the Internet, the iPod and so forth, we have more media outlets than ever before–but fewer reporters.When the last reporter is laid off, we can subsist on rumor, speculation and gossip. These three are usually more interesting than the facts, but do you want to bet your life and livelihood on them?

Read The Death of News from the Nation and Newspapers invest $15 million more in from C|Net. Previously from WNM: Newspapers as search engines, promoting their own content, Journalism 2.0: “cut and paste” or “read/write” and News aggregation gets fuzzy

Update: The future of local news? from WIRED


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