Television’s obsoletion or television’s evolution?

The rise of high-speed Internet and the explosion in online video content is fuelling a widespread decline in the number of people watching television according to a worldwide study by Ofcom.

On average around one-third of consumers with broadband access watch less television since going online the findings, which sampled a thousand people in each country, concluded.

Alongside tech-savvy younger generations watching traditional TV channels on their PC or laptop, instant messaging, blogging, social networking sites such as MySpace and user generated content sites including YouTube are driving more and more to ditch old fashioned sit-and-watch viewing habits.

Aided by the increased choice on-line, users are switching off the television and changing the way they consume media by tailoring what they watch to their personal tastes.

Read this Reuters item from Yahoo News.  On topic:  Online video ‘eroding TV viewing’ and Video-sharing makes move to TV from the BBC News, YouTube makes the move on TV’s “old rich people” from Ars, YouTube vs. TV or PR vs. Surveys from ZDNet and A YouTube boost for an old-tube network from C|Net’s Blogma.  Previously from WNM: Television’s obsoletion: The revolution will not be televised


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