A Second Life; a lot like the first

Economy, Copyright & Business

My Virtual Life from Business Week

Besides, in one important way, this virtual stuff isn’t imaginary at all. In November, 2003, Linden Lab made a policy change unprecedented in online games: It allowed Second Life residents to retain full ownership of their virtual creations. The inception of property rights in the virtual world made for a thriving market economy…Virtual worlds may end up playing an even more sweeping role — as far more intuitive portals into the vast resources of the entire Internet than today’s World Wide Web. Some tech thinkers suggest Second Life could even challenge Microsoft Corp.’s (MSFT ) Windows operating system as a way to more easily create entertainment and business software and services.

‘Second Life’ mints a millionaire? from C|Net’s Gaming Blog
Clean It Up! from the Second Life News Network
‘Second Life’ faces threat to its virtual economy from C|Net
Does Music on Second Life Infringe Copyright? from WIRED’s blog Listening Post
Second Life Will Save Copyright from WIRED
Enter the ‘Second Life’ business plan contest, win an island from C|Net
Reality pricks the Second Life property bubble from ZDNet
Crowdsourcing and Virtual Worlds from WIRED’s Game|Life Blog

Viruses, Crime and Griefing

The Dark Side of Second Life from Business Week (commentary from ZDNet)

It would seem the virtual world is facing a very real-world problem: crime. As more people have joined the global virtual community—it now boasts more than 1 million members—residents are grappling with how to secure property ownership and ensure public well-being….Every society struggles with how best to protect property. It’s especially tricky in a place such as Second Life, where goods are defined by lines of software code. Many citizens make a real-life living selling goods such as clothes and homes for avatars, as the virtual versions of actual people are known. Their income is in a currency, the Linden, pegged to the dollar and openly traded on the LindeX Exchange (see BusinessWeek.com, 5/1/06, “My Virtual Life”).

A fist full of Linden dollars from ZDNet
In Second Life, those on ‘Candid Copybot’ aren’t smiling from ZDNet
Second Life Hit By Massive In-Game Worm from Slashdot (commentary from WIRED’s Game|Life blog)
‘Second Life’ hit by worm from C|Net’s Security Blog
‘Second Life’ faces threat to its virtual economy from C|Net
Second Life: gangs, theft and goo from ZDNet

Bridging the “real” and “virtual” worlds

Virtual pals ‘soar in importance’ from the BBC

A survey found 43% of online networkers from the US felt “as strongly” about their web community as they did about their real-world friends.

Big Brother enters virtual world from the BBC
Dell sets up ‘Second Life’ shop, offers PCs to residents from C|Net
‘Second Life’ develops education following from eSchool News
Second Life reaches out to schools with teen version from ZDNet

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    Copyright is complicated matter, fortunately
    The Raven King offers this clear explanation…

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