Defining, describing “Identity Management”

All of which brings us back to “identity management.” Gaining an understanding of identity management should not simply occur by reading vendor product marketing literature (though I know it often does). The “learning curve” on identity seems to almost always include: A) a small-ish project initiated to achieve a business process goal (i.e., eliminate X costs associated with Y redundant sign-ins); B) a realization by the implementing team that there’s a wider identity problem that they must fully grasp if they are to scale any success; and C) a gradual reworking of the architectural principles of the IT organization that makes identity the foundational and organizing paradigm.So, how should one come to *understand* what identity management is? Begin by understanding the breadth and depth to which identity as a concept must be used as an architectural principle.

Read Understanding “identity management” from ZDNet. Also from ZDNet: The joys of identity management; A unified point of control; The case for OpenID; Intersilo vs. intrasilo identities and Internet Identity Workshop demonstrations steal the show. Also, visit and contribute to the Internet Identity Workshop Wiki

Explore (and contribute to) the definition of “Identity Management” at the Whats New Media Wiki


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