Rufus Pollock’s The Value of Public Domain

It must be remembered that where feasible and reasonably efficient methods of up-front or indirect funding exist, an open approach to knowledge will always be superior to one based on monopoly rights. For some of the categories of works currently covered by copyright, for example music, the introduction of open access along with some form of alternative compensation system promises to deliver significant gains both to creators and to consumers. A further opportunity exists in the potential of providing open access to public sector information. This is one of the most direct, and straightforward actions governments can take in promoting the public domain, and it is one that the available evidence suggests will have large benefits both to industry and to the general public. As we enter the information age, where all that glitters may just be bits, we must stand ready to expand the public domain and promote a more open approach to the use, reuse and distribution of knowledge.

Download Rufus Pollock’s paper The Value of Public Domain (pdf), courtesy of the Institute for Public policy ResearchCommentary from Lawrence Lessig.


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