Is online “social” media an oxymoron?

Computers have changed the nature of the workplace, the nature of work itself. This is the information age so a lot of us are cubicle-bound and tethered to the screen, whether we like it or not. It’s also the age of specialization. You gotta work to live so unless you’ve cultivated a rare skill — like you can really hit a curveball or something — there’s a good chance you’ll wind up behind a desk. And on that desk, inevitably, will be a computer. Which makes it really important for your balance and well-being to get out into the world in your free time and do something — anything — that doesn’t involve some kind of software….We are social animals. We are meant to see each other, speak with each other, touch each other, smell each other. “Connecting” online with people you never actually see face-to-face doesn’t count. If that’s what passes for “community” in the 21st century, well, poor us.

Read The Last of a Dying Breed from Tony Long (aka “The Luddite”) from WIRED.  Previously from WNM: Whats so social about social networking?


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