Virtual lies are easily told

All of us have been guilty of telling white lies every so often, but new survey results from UK investment firm Friends Provident says that most of us do it every day, and we prefer to use technology as our lying vehicle of choice. The survey was conducted via online poll during the month of November and counted the results from 1,487 respondents, showing that 81 percent of us tell white lies at least once every day. 72 percent of respondents said that they have stretched the truth via some form of technology, with 27 percent lying via e-mail, 27 percent via SMS (“Ur my 1 & only, 4 real!”), and 18 percent via mobile phone calls…..The guilt factor likely comes from having to look someone in the eye when face-to-face, and no such nerve-wracking lie detector exists for mediums such as e-mail and text messages.

Read this article from Ars Technica. Commentary from WIRED’s Gear Factor. Previously from WNM: The (most?) unreliable information medium, Berners-Lee pushes for Internet studies, warry of “misinformation” age and The multi-user powered lie detector

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