WebOS: Liberating software from hardware

There is a glaring weakness to all traditional operating systems, however. They are, at the root, designed to run on one computer. Extensions like NFS and remote desktop alleviate this weakness to some extent, but they do nothing to enable collaboration on a larger scale between users on different computers. Imagine what you could do if every one in the world could work and play on the same “virtual computer”.Enter the web – what hasn’t been said about the web’s ability to allow people to share, connect, and collaborate? The web is already halfway there to the virtual computer idea.

YouOS strives to bring the web and traditional operating systems together to form a shared virtual computer. To you, it’s one giant computer that you and your friends can work on. To us, it’s all the servers, routers, software, bandwidth, and engineers to keep this grand experiment in collaborative computing running.

A liberation of software from hardware

From the YouOS Manifesto. More about WebOS from the Read/Write Web (1, 2, 3) and kottke.org. Plus, a Web OS market review from ZDNet. Please contribute your knowledge, links, etc. to the Web Operating System article at the Whats New Media Wiki.

Previously from WNM: YouOS, Google and the Internet as your computer. (But when?)


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